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Apply for Equitable Distribution Program (EDP) with Miami-Dade County

Thank you for your interest in doing business with Miami-Dade County!

Using the Contractor Compliance and Workforce Management System, the EDP Registration process takes minimal time. After submitting your account registration, you will automatically be logged into the system and directed to complete our EDP Registration.

Prior to accessing the EDP registration, you will be required to have a current Pre-Qualification Certification (PQC) with Miami-Dade County. If your firm does not have an active Miami Dade County PQC, please go to the ISD Procurement Architectural and Engineering Services website at http://www.miamidade.gov/procurement/pre-quailification-certification.asp for instructions.

The EDP establishes and maintains a pool of architectural & engineering (A/E) professionals, for each Miami-Dade County (MDC) A/E technical certification category, in order to equitably distribute the County’s small capital improvement projects. A/E firms that meet the EDP eligibility requirements listed below can apply to participate in the program.

  1. Be in business a minimum of one year.

  2. Have a place of business in MDC evidenced by a MDC Tax Receipt

  3. Qualify only one firm in respective A/E governing board.

  4. A business owner, alone or as a member of a group shall own or control only one (1) firm including affiliates in the EDP.

  5. Have current and accurate award and payment records for the past three years for all County contracts.

Important Note: If you received any form of notice from M-DCPS regarding this system, an account may have been pre-configured for you. Please look up your business to see if an account already exists.

To continue, please select one option below.

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For technical assistance while completing the application, please use our online support form.

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